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    Service conceptYour location : Service concept

    Service concept:
    Customer service in my heart in my hands
    To work hard for customers with

    Service content:
    (1) the daily service: customer service center is equipped with professional engineers, stationed around the offices, to provide point-to-point professional services, customer site at any time to provide professional technical guidance;
    (2) complaints: customer service center cooperate with QC department, technology department, the timely processing of customer complaints, complaints on customer issues to give proper treatment, until the issue is resolved;
    Answer: (3) customer service center advisory professionals in every Monday to Saturday morning 8:00 to afternoon 5:30 waiting for your call, and offer online consulting service;
    (4) prototype / sample: Technology Department is responsible for production in line with the requirements of customers all kinds of sample, sample;
    (5) professional training: the training of professional engineers free product selection, construction, technology improvement, technical solutions and other professional knowledge on customer engineering and technical personnel.

    Service process: